All Fun Cooking Games

all fun cooking games

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All sailors are good eggs!

All sailors are good eggs!

As part of the Thomas Cook Group, and as one of two Olympic Pioneers at Neilson, we were challenged to create an event to raise awareness that Thomas Cook are an official provider of short breaks to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In true Neilson spirit (and it has to be admitted, thanks to the hard work of my fellow Pioneer, Quinn), an egg and spoon race was held. Due to the snow, it was in reception rather than the car park, but fun was had by all!

33/365 - Cancer Cookie

33/365 - Cancer Cookie

Today at fellowship we made cookies! :D They were all kind of burnt and my friend kept calling them cancer :)

We all fail at cooking, apparently, but it was fun, and we played games afterwards :)

all fun cooking games

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