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cooking courses cork

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The Birthstone of Saint Senan (2)

The Birthstone of Saint Senan (2)

The Abbot Cassidus had a vision, in which he received a Divine mandate, to send his novice Senan to a holy man named Natalus, or Nattal, who was then Abbot of Kilmanagh, or Kil-na-managh, in Ossory; that, under his rule, our saint might be more fully prepared and instructed, in monastic discipline. Senan felt grieved at being obliged to leave his first master, and that place he had chosen as a retreat. Recollecting, however, that obedience is better than sacrifice, and that he must in all things obey the Divine will, he set out for his new habitation, where he was honourably received by Nattal, among his religious band. Under this new director, Senan was distinguished for his obedience, his devout exercises, and his many exalted virtues. According to the instructions of Natalis, while Senan was one day tending a herd, belonging to his master, he endeavoured to prevent the calves from approaching their dams, that thus milk might be preserved, for use of the monastic brethren. But, after many vain efforts, to effect a separation between those cows and calves, which were impatient of restraint, the saint placed his staff in an upright position between them. Afterwards, he returned to finish his prayers, which had been interrupted. The animals found themselves unable to meet, or to pass a boundary thus marked out; so that, on future occasions, when our saint wished to devote himself to prayer or reading, he adopted the same expedient, and, with like success. Having often reflected on those words of the Saviour, " He that is greatest among you shall be your servant."

Senan desired always to obtain, and to be employed in, the most humble offices. Hence, he assumed the care of grinding corn, at a mill, belonging to the monastery. Some robbers, in this neighbourhood, noticing that Senan was often alone, and engaged during night, tending the mill, formed a design of entering it, to take away corn, belonging to the monks. Before putting their intentions into execution, they approached the door, and looking through an opening, they discovered two young men — one was engaged at reading, while the other tended the mill. The robbers doubted if they should enter, as there were two persons within; but, one of the band gave it as his opinion, that they must wait for some time, as those two young men could not be members of the same family, or employed at the same duties. One was supposed to be the miller, and the other, a person who had brought corn to be ground, which, when ready, he would take away. It was proposed, by the robbers, to await the presumed egress of this latter person, whom they intended to deprive of the com, and whatever else he might possess. Having accomplished these objects, they were afterwards to attack that man, who remained alone in the mill, and thus take all they might be able there to procure. This counsel was generally approved, by the others; but, whilst expecting the egress of one or other of those young men, they waited in vain, and for a long time. They observed, likewise, that neither of them slept until morning, when Senan came forth, with an intention of returning to the monastery. On opening the mill-door, those robbers rushed forward and entered it. They asked, at the same time, where and who was that other young man, who assisted in working the mill, during night. Senan replied, " What if it were he, of whom it is said, he sleeps not, nor shall he sleep, who watches over Israel ?" They insisted on finding out, where his companion should be found, when the saint replied: "He is near to all who invoke him."

At these words, the robbers were touched with sorrow, and bursting into tears, they promised to repent and to amend their lives. At the same time, they asked to be received among the brethren. Full of joy, our saint promised that their request should be attended to, and he led them to St. Natalis. Having received the monastic habit, they continued with him, in a holy course of living, to the end of their mortal pilgrimage. At another time, St. Senan asked the monastic cook for some candles, which should be necessary for him, while prosecuting his labours at the mill. The cook answered, in a short time, he expected to have some ready, but he had none, at that present moment. Senan went to the mill, at the same instant, and he did not return for a week, to repeat his demand, on the cook. Wondering how Senan had obtained light, to prosecute his labours, during this lengthened period, the cook resolved to see, if he had been engaged at work, during all this time, or how he had procured light. At nightfall, going to the mill, and on looking through a crevice in the door, he saw a candle placed in a candlestick, while Senan was engaged reading; and, the millstones continued grinding without cessation, no person being required to supply the grain, nor to furnish any human assistance. Astonished at such a wonderful spe

Admiring the white chocolate mousse

Admiring the white chocolate mousse

White chocolate mousse with homemade short bread biscuit & West Cork strawberries paired with Van Diest Fruli Strawberry wheat beer. This was the final course in Cornstore Cork's Octoberfest 2011 celebration also known as their Food & Beer Evening #FoodBeerEve


cooking courses cork

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